mandag 29. september 2008

Is there life for ERP solutions running on Mobile Phones?

Empatix in Indonesia has managed to create an web based (SaaS) ERP solution running on all devices that can connect to Internet.

It runs on all devices that can connect to Internet, runs all slow lines, even GPRS and only demand on the unit is a standard browser.

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EssIndia sa...

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Crazy project manager sa...

Ich glaube es gibt zuviel web ERP loesungen. Sie koennen anshauen: Iphone ERP

(I think, it's quite enough mobile ERP systems).Check the mentioned one.

TechnoBlog sa...

GODB Tech offers Mobility Enterprise Application Platform- online/offline mobile solution for horizontal enterprise solutions and vertical market applications on cloud platform with multi-device and multi-platform support.

Aldus Logan sa...

Yeah i n my point of view there can be a solution to run ERP software on mobile by which it will be very easy to use and no. of peoples using it will also be business software

Rose Asp sa...

In this blog having very nice information how we can easily connect with internet through using erp.

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